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Vaginal Pleasure Principles

Vaginal Control has three general aspects of focus for women. These aspects, enabled through vaginal contraction are - incontinency prevention, internal weight and pressure bearing abilities, and sexual enhancement. The practice for the development of the pelvic and associated vaginal muscles is generally referred to as Kegel Exercises. Such a regimen of exercise will enhance women's personal life and femininity greatly from young adulthood and well into her maturing years. As the aspects involved in continence and weight and pressure bearing in relevance to child bearing are generally comprehended and understood, the sexual gratification aspects of vaginal contraction involved further practice and exploration for optimum pleasure and satisfying results.

Within a woman's vagina, is, what is clinically and commonly referred to as, the "G-Spot." This particular spot or area is, perhaps, the most erogenous zone within the vaginal area. It is located approximately two to three inches from the opening of the vagina, positioned on the inside of the front wall. The G Spot is positioned extremely close to the clitoris of the pubic bone. In a woman developing a good technique, partly in vaginal contraction, along with an element of practice, such enact can regularly benefit in the dividends of intense and satisfying pleasures and sexual gratification, whether engaged in intimacy with a partner or by herself, in the forms of an orgasm, leading to multiple orgasms, along with what is referred to as female ejaculation. The origin of the G Spot was a discovery by Dr. Grafenberg, a German physician, during the nineteen fifties. Hence, the spot's clinical name and term was derived from the usage of the first letter of the physician's name.

Prior to engaging in the arousing, satisfying and gratifying foreplay and interaction of such erogenous stimulation of the G spot, the woman and her partner should both discuss and prepare for the time of intimacy, or, in the event that only the woman is pleasuring herself, plan as appropriate. In either situation, it is important that fingernails are scrupulously clean and well trimmed, as not to scratch or irritate the delicate tissue within the vagina. The woman and her partner, or just she, albeit the case, should schedule, allow or permit either herself or her partner adequate amount of time for at least forty-five minutes to an hour, or more, in order to freely take pleasure in such personalized intimacy, which will involve a considerable amount of the woman's vaginal contraction abilities for optimum satisfaction and sensation.

In preparation, the woman lies on her back, as she draws her knees in an upward position. The woman can also be aided, for the purpose of accessible ease in exposure, by placing either one or two pillows under her hips. If you are engaging in such intimacy with a partner, or if it is just the woman involved, either one should begin by placing the fingers of a hand into the vagina, at a depth ranging from two to three inches inside of the vagina.

As a primer to foreplay and initiating, upon the fingers entering the vagina, the G Spot is identifiable, as it will feel like a slight and subtle bump, located two to three inches within the woman's vagina, and measuring, in diameter, at approximately one to two inches. The three most important factors, in support of obtaining optimum results, are - ample and extensive foreplay, woman’s drawing her legs up as far as her chest, and, at the peak of such foreplay, to apply hard pressure on the G Spot. Foreplay is the foundation for increasing arousal and excitement, as well as in the filling of both the vaginal and clitoral regions with blood, such as a man would experience during an erection. At this stage, the woman can increase her sensations of pleasure through vaginal contraction.

Utilizing the inserted finger, a coaxing or type of "come here" movement is made. In a combination of the inserted fingers and their curling-type movements, the G Spot of the woman has now been reached. Begin applying gentle and soft pressure with the fingers, as the highly sensitive and erogenous area is being massaged. Slowly increased the pressure of the fingers as they continue to massage the G Spot. Throughout this type of erotic massage, the woman should engage in signaling the appropriate muscles to create the process of vaginal contraction, in order to maximize the gratifying sensation.As the vaginal massage progresses, intensify the pressure of the massaging fingers. The clitoris requires the lightest of touch, while the G Spot necessitates increased and considerable pressure. From the point that the intense pressure of massage has been applied, orgasm should be realized within a time frame, ranging from three to five minutes.

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