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1) What is Pueraria Mirifica?

An herbal plant, native only to Thailand, Pueraria Mirifica belongs to the leguminosae subfamily papilionoideae (also known as the soy, bean, and pea subfamily). The plants are most commonly found in forests at an altitude of 300-800 meters above sea level, primarily in the north, west and northeast of Thailand. They tend to grow among moderate sized trees such as timber wood and bamboo in deciduous rain forests.

With nine species of the plant in the genus that resemble each other, the Pueraria Mirifica variety can be easily identified by the distinct characteristics of the flower’s stamen and its hairy pod. This particular species of the plant is composed of at least 13 known chemicals that reside in the tuberous root of the plant. The root, which is shaped like a chain of round-shaped bulbs, is connected by the next via a small root throughout the entire length.

The chemicals found in the tuber are classified as “phytoestrogens” including miroestrol, daidzein, genistin, genistein, B-sitosterol, stigmasterol, coumestrol, pueraria, compestrol, mirificoumestan, kwakhurin, and mirificin. The shape and size of the tuberous root, where these chemicals reside, depends upon the environment in which the plant has grown.

The Thai natural product industry has developed a tissue culture and produced field trials to study the benefits of the plant. Many varieties have been found in the jungle due to the plants capabilities for self-fertilization and long-term existence in different areas of Thailand. Currently, the natural product industry has been able to establish organic farming to produce a continuous supply of the natural material to initiate large-scale commercial production. Three of the best cultivar have been sorted from the jungle and adapted for a large plantation area. These three types have been classified as Pueraria-I, II, and III.

2) What is the efficacy of Pueraria Mirifica products?

The product can be ingested through a capsule or tablet. Also, due to a large group of volunteers who tested cosmetic products containing the herb, developers were able to show a positive approval of approximately 90%.

3) What is the difference between estrogen and phytoestrogens?

Estrogen is a female hormone found in humans and some animals. This hormone is naturally produced by the female body and supports “estrogenic effects” to female-specific organs such as the breasts, uterus, and ovaries. Phytoestrogens are also naturally produced but come from plants, particularly legumes, and not from the human body. Select Pueraria Mirifica plants contain high phytoestrogens levels and therefore can be used to substitute estrogen without the adverse side effects commonly contributed to estrogen supplements.

4) Is there a difference between the cream and capsule type? What is better?

The type of supplement used depends on your reason for using the product. The capsule type is a food supplement that provides a systemic response throughout the body. The capsule can provide sustenance for overall body health including better skin and hair conditions, improved bone condition. Also, taken at a higher dose the supplement can assist with breast enlargement. However, a large dose can also have adverse effects on menstruation, in some cases delaying or stopping the menstrual cycle.

The cream is used for breast enhancement only. The cream can provide rapid response in breast enhancement and due to the topical application to breast only; there is no effect on the rest of the body.

5) Is it also good using breast cream and taking the breast capsule without serum?

The breast serum, when combined with the cream and capsule can greatly increase the speed at which you will see results. But note that alone the breast cream and breast capsule is more than enough for breast enlargement. The visible results will not be evident as quickly as if the serum was used as well but the overall cost will be much less.

6) Does the Pueraria breast capsule cause stomach aches?

Women’s hormones go through cycles throughout their lives. Puberty, childbirth, and menopause all affect the body in different ways, activating different hormones in the body. One of the best hormones for a woman’s body, however, is released during the childbirth. Generally, post-partum females have the best skin and general body conditions. Also, a woman’s breast size increases during this period due to milk production.

Pueraria Mirifica contains the same hormone that is released during this period of a woman’s life. The capsules, therefore, assist in creating better overall health conditions and breast enlargement. But not to worry, the capsules will not cause you to produce milk because your body will not be producing the hormone itself.

Just as the supplement produces a desired post-partum effect in the woman’s body, it can also create unwanted symptoms similar to those experienced during menstruation. If it is common for you to experience headaches or stomach aches prior to regular menstruation, you will probably experience these same symptoms when taking the capsules. To allow your body to adjust to the hormone, it is recommended that at first you take only 2 capsules a day (one in the morning and one before bed). Once your body has adjusted to the hormone, you may increase your intake to 4 capsules per day. Generally, symptoms last only three to four days.

7) I have noticed that I’ve been spotting (for 1 day) about 7 days after the 15 days of taking the capsules. Is this normal?

It is not uncommon for women who take the breast capsules to have delayed or early menstruation. While taking the pills, your body will build up estrogens that will assist in providing the missing nutrition your body needs. As a result you may experience irregularity in your menstrual cycle. Once your body has become accustomed to the increase in hormones, your cycle will return to normal. It has been found that taking the capsules for 15 days than stopping for another 15 days before resuming the capsules is the best way to use them. It is best not to wait for your period to start after the 15 day off period. Do not worry about following the instructions on the box, in this regard.

8) Are the external products all “temporary” effects for breast enlargement?

Because the external products, meaning the breast cream and serum, have the ability to activate on the outermost layer of skin, the effects when used independently will be only temporary. The topical treatments do not reach the deeper breast tissue where the majority of the breast volume is located. By using the capsules with the external products, the inner breast tissue will increase in size and volume. Note that while the enlarging effects will be short-lived the external products will help your breast remain firm and will assist in preventing sagging.

9) What percentage of Pueraria Mirifica extract is in the breast products?

The breast products containing the Pueraria Mirifica extract contain the highest percentage (on the market) for breast enlargement that is safe for a woman’s body. Because of this there are no side effects to using these products.

10) If the cream is applied to the nipple, will the nipple turn black?

Due to a whitening effect in our breast cream you may experience a fading in the natural color of your nipples. The overall color of the nipple will not change and will not turn black. Unlike some products that have a whitening effect on the skin, the breast cream does not contain mercury. Mercury is sometimes used in skin creams because it is believed to remove coloring on the skin layer. What it actually does though is to burn the outer skin layer which makes the skin appear newer and whiter but will eventually turn darker because of the burning effect and will not regain its original color.

11) After 2 months on the pills, will there be any more development in the 3 rd and 4 th month of the pill supply?

Many women reach the peak benefits of the pills around the 3 rd or 4 th month; therefore some development will be noticeable. During the 3 rd and 4 th months you will reach your peak of development and can discontinue use of the capsules after the 6 th month. The 5 th and 6 th month of the pill supply is to assist with maintaining any development. However, due to older age and other factors, breast size and firmness may decrease over time. If this occurs you may start a new course of pills.

12) After the 6 th month, must I still take the pills or use the cream/serum to maintain the development?

Due to the effects of aging on skin and tissue firmness a constant treatment as you get older will be a good step to help maintain the effects of the program. Regardless of age you may wish to continue using the cream 1-3 times weekly for longer lasting effects. There is no harm to be done to the breasts by applying the cream/serum on a regular basis.

13) Is the spray as effective as the cream?

Because of a higher concentration of the hormones, the spray is more effective than the cream and works at a faster rate. To be used only once a day, preferably in the morning, it is also more convenient. You need only spray it on and let it dry before dressing for the day. The use of a breast mask with the breast spray is recommended because the mask is used at night and will help to affect the body throughout the entire day.

14) What is the most economic way to maintain the beauty of the bust?

Despite the fact the most development will peak in the 3 rd and 4 th months, you will have to continue the capsules for the full 6-month period. It is also recommended that you continue use of the breast cream throughout the 6-month period and after.

15) If I am post-menopausal, what will happen if I take Pueraria breast pills?

There are recommended dosages for women depending on their stage in life. The first dose, which is the highest, entails taking a total of 4 capsules a day – 2 in the morning and 2 at bedtime. The higher dosage is proven more effective in breast enlargement for pre-menopausal women. The second type of dose is much lower and recommended for post-menopausal. These lower dosages require a total of 2 pills a day – 1 in the morning and 1 at bedtime. This dosage will help to provide hormonal balance.

Unlike pre-menopausal women, you can take the whole round of pills for one month rather than taking the pills for 15 days and than after another 15 days resuming the regimen. Be aware that if you are taking the capsules for the full month your period may return. This is a normal occurrence for post-menopausal women and you should not be alarmed.

What is happening is that your body will begin to feel “young” again due to the hormones in the capsules. Your body’s circulation will improve. You will also observe a lowering of cholesterol. Our capsules contain calcium from plants known as phyto-calcium and will help to strengthen your bones. Your skin and hair will also show improvement, becoming smoother and healthier looking.

Keep in mind, however, that the effects for post-menopausal women require more time. Your hormones are not like a young woman’s and the results will require more patience.

16) What happens if I don’t consistently use the breast serum everyday? How much should I apply it each time?

Suggested application for the breast serum is daily. It can help to enhance and provide visible changes to your breasts as opposed to the capsules, which require more time. If not used consistently, the effects to your breasts will not become evident as quickly. In fact, your breast may not receive the full nourishment they need to grow. When applying the serum, use a small amount – enough to cover your full breast – and be sure to massage it thoroughly into the skin.

17) How long does the shipping generally take?

Our products are shipped using Express Mail Service and usually take about 3 to 4 days to reach your home after your order has been received by us. In some cases, if you are not home or return the mail by mistake the package will be sent back to us.

18) How long does one serum last?

Our breast serum, cream and spray all last for around one month. With the breast mask, if used in a thick layer, it will last less time than the other breast products. Our facial series, including Day Cream, Night Cream, Facial Mask and Eye Gel also vary in their lasting time.

19) How should I take your breast pills to see the best results?

The breast capsules must be used for 15 days with the first dose being taken on the first day of your menstrual period. After you have taken them for the full 15 days you must take off 15 days without the pills, before beginning the second round. It is recommended that the capsules be taken for a full 6-month period to optimize and maintain new breast size. The dosage varies depending on whether you are post- or pre-menopausal. Pre-menopausal women should take 4 capsules a day while post-menopausal women should take have this dosage. It is neither necessary nor recommended that you take more than the applicable dosage.

External products such as breast serum, breast spray, breast mask, and breast cream are recommended to aid in enhancement and to assist in maintaining the results. While the pills may be used alone, they are more effective when teamed with on of the external products. The effectiveness of these products varies: breast serum takes about 2 weeks to show results, breast cream approximately 1-3 months and the breast spray and mask usually take around 3 weeks.

20) How many mg of Pueraria Mirifica are in each capsule?

Each capsule contains 200 mg of Pueraria Mirifica powder.

21) What is the purpose of taking the Pueraria Mirifica capsules?

Women who produce little or no natural estrogen hormones experience many health problems, chief among these being lack of nutrition. Because our capsules contain phyto-estrogens they can help stabilize hormone levels in women and help them achieve better overall health. It will also help with your appearance, making skin smoother and hair shinier and healthier.

22) If I take Pueraria capsules do I need to stop taking my birth control pills?

Due to the hormones present in both birth control pills and the pueraria capsules it is recommended that you not take birth control while using the breast pills. Birth control pills may interfere with the breast capsules due to the chemical nature of the estrogen in the pills. Even though both are technically female hormones, birth control pills can chemically obstruct the effects of pueraria.

23) Why are StBotanica products different from other U.S. herbal breast enhancements or Pueraria products?

Exacting measurements is one of the key differences between us and those other herbal products. We carefully divide out the right type of herb for use as the main ingredients. While the Pueraria herb can be used for breast enhancement it is important that the distinction between the different types of Pueraria species is made. There are 13 known species in the world and only one of these species is effective with breast enhancement.

Using biological research we have been able to combine this species with a second species of Pueraria that grows at a higher rate and crossbreed the two to create a super Pueraria Mirifica plant that we cultivate on a 2,000-acre tract of land in Thailand. Therefore we are able to produce not only the highest quality but also the highest quantity of Pueraria Mirifica herb in its native habitat.

24) What happens if I stop using all the products after 6 months?

After 6 months, if you have achieved the size and firmness you desire you may discontinue use of all products. However, after several months your breasts will begin to lose firmness though they will retain size. To avoid the general effects of an aging body such as sagging breasts and loss of breast firmness we recommend you continue to use one of our external products such as the breast cream.

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