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A Woman's Experience In Practical Self Indulgence

For most women, the prospect of conducting a self-breast examination is more of a routine task as precautionary measure in the detection of any lumps or abnormalities. Such examining is anything but pleasurable or enhancing. However, if women could envision themselves partaking in a self-administered Breast Massage, they would, potentially, be allowing themselves the benefits of not only a self-examination, though the feminine luxury of enhancing their breasts in a number of ways, along with deriving personal and intimate pleasure and relaxation.

If a woman can rationalize the balances of practical self indulgence, in the forms of preventative maintenance, physical attributes, stress relief and enhancements to their appearance, then they should be able to adequately justify what would be absolute personal and quality time to the multiple beneficial aspects combined within the self-practice of routine Breast Massage. Once a woman's apprehension towards such a regimen is alleviated, then for her to experience pleasure, along with increased confidence, are the rewards derived from such attentive care and attention to vital feminine characteristics.

As the woman has come to her decision to embark upon self-initiated Breast Massage, supported by the logic of self-examinations of the breasts, health aspects in having breasts that are fit and tones, along with the other, shall it be expressed, "fringe" benefits, it is time for her to prepare for a rejuvenating experience, and to establish a conducive and private atmosphere. For optimum achievement, in the form of viable results, the woman must arrange to take this time for feminine care and enhancement on a regular basis.

In most cases among the majority of women, the place of privacy and tranquility for personal and self-administered Breast Massage that is most accessible would be in the confines of the bedroom, comfortably positioned, supported and propped atop the bed. Another alternative would be the bathroom, utilizing the convenience of a bathtub. There is no particular time of day or night that is correct, other than for women to choose a time of least external demands and responsibilities.

Preparations for a woman to conduct her Breast Massage should include some form of towels or pad placed beneath her torso, for protection of the bedding, should she choose the bedroom. In the event of her finding the bathtub a better option, then protective materials are not necessary. The reasoning behind such protection is that, for the purposes of her conducting the Breast Massage, a cream, lotion or oil of some appropriate nature will need to be secured, as it will be applied to the breasts while the massage is taking place.

The woman is now ready for her time of inward and outward beautification, care and enhancement towards two of her feminine assets, the breasts. Either comfortably propped up in a bed of relaxation, bare-breasted, or, in nudity, within the warmth of a soothing bath, along with a suitably obtained cream, lotion or oil within reach, she is now prepared to begin administering her Breast Massage.

Her Breast Massage will begin as she allows her eyes to slowly close. At that point, the woman will place her hand directly over her heart, and, verbally, "hum." Soon, she will part her hand and gladly slide them alongside her breasts. From that point, the woman will cup each breast with the corresponding hand, simultaneously, while still humming. She should then envision a force emanating out from her nipples, as she allows her emotions, through the imagery of her bosom opening and flowing to the melody of her soft humming.

With a tranquil mood set, the woman can open her eyes, and reach for the cream, lotion or oil. She will take a fair amount of the substance into her hands, and, will rub the hands together, with the lubricant, until the palms are warm. Then, she will place each hand on each side of a breast, and, again, hum. Her fingers will now assume a cupped position, either alongside or under the breast, with thumbs reaching upward and placed as high as possible upon the chest. The woman will then press her thumbs inward, as she slides them downwards, towards the nipple, which will result in the skin tissue of the breast being pressed into her palms and fingers of both hands. As she reaches the areola of the breast, she will extend her thumbs upward, again, as before, though a bit further apart, and repeat the same movements, spreading the thumbs further apart with each repetition. After a few times of this element of the Breast Massage, the woman will then start the same entire procedure with the opposite breast.

Next, it is time for the woman to place one hand either atop or behind her head, and, as the other hand is equipped with adequate lubricant, begin to press the pads of the fingers with suitable pressure to stabilize the skin, while making small circles. As she conducts the circling, increase the circles with each rotation, until the entire breast is encompassed. Then alternate, and administer this type of Breast Massage to the other breast.

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