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A Scoop on the Droop of Breasts

Due to anatomy and functionality, the majority of women are faced with consideration opposition as to one of their greatest secondary sexual attributes – their breasts. Although the breasts of a woman possess their naturally intended purpose – which is in the ability to produce milk for born infants – they are an essential enhancement to women's femininity. Despite a woman's pride, vanity and sensitivity, for what is revered in the visions of men as an enhancement to the beauty of women, she battles with the unappealing eventuality of breast sagging. It's a virtual war of sorts against the slow and gradual progressive agents of gravity, breast weight in relationship to size, pregnancy, lactating, post-lactation, menopause, and the natural process of aging.

As women, in general, desire and strive for a either a youthful or gracefully appealing appearance throughout the majority of their respective life, for such reasons as health, physical presentation, social aspects, to be desired by men, stature in the workplace, vanity and pride, breast sagging is definitely not an aspect in which women embrace with any enthusiasm, though, rather, dread.

Whereas women are affected, both emotionally and in self-confidence, to a point of breast sagging creating extreme complications for them, such as in the workplace, society, spousal or significant others perceptions, or otherwise, there are certain procedures that can aid in the alteration of such effects.

A drastic approach towards the dilemma of breast sagging is a medical procedure referred to as a mastoplexy. This surgical approach involves a reshaping of a woman's breasts, which results in what is regarded as a breast lift. Although the prospect of such altering surgery to the breasts may sound somewhat radical, it is not overly complex. The cosmetic-type of surgery is generally done on an outpatient basis for the woman, though, in some instances, it can involve a limited inpatient hospitalization. This nature of surgery, upon determinations between surgeon and patient, can be conducted under local or general anesthesia. Such a procedure consists of the appropriate-fielded surgeon cutting across the breasts, as well as around the circumferences of the areolas. From that initial step in the surgery, the surgeon will remove degrees of tissue and skin from the bottom sections of the breasts. The next phase within the procedure will involve the surgeon adjusting and locating the tissue of the breasts, the areolas, and nipples upward. Hence, these are the three generalized components within the breast lift or mastoplexy.

Post cosmetic surgical recovery from the mastoplexy, to eliminate breast sagging, will find the woman experiencing a degree of bruising, swelling and discomfort, along with the breasts feeling numb and dry. Workplace attendance for the woman having undergone such a procedure should be in about a week following surgery. Activity that involves any amount of strenuous efforts should be avoided for a solid month, in allowing the breasts to heal and recover.

Following the woman's recovery from the surgery of the mastoplexy, some scarring will be evident and transverse to the newly modified breasts. Over a period of several months, the scars, though permanent, will most likely fade to light lines, that resemble those of stretch marks in a mature woman. Benefits in having chosen such procedure, are in the elimination of breast sagging.

Surgery to lift and reshape the breasts, in the plight to eliminate breast sagging can, in some cases, come with its risks. These risks can be as significant as nipples that are not even, in positioning. Other adverse effects to the nipples can result in an inability to breastfeed, as well as a loss of sensitivity or feel. As with any form of surgery, there lies the risk of infection, and complications related to anesthesia.

Although breast cancer is always a prevalent concern for women, having a mastoplexy, less implants, to alleviate breast sagging has not been considered to cause cancer or prevent such disease, nor does it have any effect on processes for the detection of cancer.

Implants, in many instances, are associated within a mastoplexy, as these surgically implemented enhancements can extend the effects of the entire lifting and modification process. While effective, a mastoplexy is not a lifelong solution to breast sagging. Ever-present are the natural effects of the aging process.

Other last dramatic alternatives to the breast lifting mastoplexy, in the attempt to diminish the effects of breast sagging include designed-enhanced foundation garments, such as a brassier, bra or foundation garment. Such undergarments, that include additional padding, padded support, or under wire construct insertion, are quite accessible. Where swimwear is of concern, such bathing suits can be found with the incorporation of what is labeled as bra supports. Another approach to not necessarily rid of breast sagging, though, rather, to enhance the breasts, in their natural state, during any phase of a woman's life, is in lifestyle. Vitamin C can aid in boosting the levels of collagen synthesis that lie within the skin. The use of flax oil can act as a deterrent to dry skin. Diet and exercise can aid in the support of strengthening the ligaments of a woman's breasts.

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