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Women Combating Dryness

More often than not, as women mature, they are in fierce pursuit of ammunition to combat any signs of aging. Such ammunition can be in such forms as facial and body creams, lotions and serums, along with hair care products, to retaliate against wrinkles, dry skin, and vibrant and thick hair, in the quest to maintain a staunch front against nature's biological processes and their associated factors of maturity.

Some women will even incorporate extensive fitness routines into their lives, with the intent to maintain a shapely and svelte figure. Certain women will go so far as to implore the aids of plastic and cosmetic surgery. As with dramatic advances in medical science and health care, people, in general, have drastically increased life spans. Hence, in the case of women's battles against the effects brought about by natural elements, as they age, the goal is to convey the appearance of younger attributes for as long as possible.

For all of the effort and endeavors that the majority of women go through or endure to simulate the alluring effects of feminine appeal, in return, they also have the desires for intimacy. The same process of aging, within maturity, occurs, and, as with other parts of a woman's body, has its effect on the primary attribute of a woman's femininity – the vagina – with it's enemy being vaginal dryness.

Sources report that almost fifty percent of women, ranging in ages from forty to sixty years, are confronted, occasionally, with a condition referred to as vaginal dryness. Three of the major contributors that lead to women's undesirable issues of dryness in the vaginal area include the processes of postpartum, weaning away from hormonal replacement therapy and menopause.

Another increasingly common condition that either alter or diminish the natural and biological production of vaginal lubrication within women, in general, attributing to vaginal dryness, are elevated levels of stress, particularly in lieu of the heavy demands or matters associated with work, careers, families, economics, and much more, in today's fast paced society. In addition, for some women, despite their respective regimens of hormonal replacement therapy, experiencing the same stress scenarios find them suffering from the annoyance of irritation in their respective vaginas, as well as dealing with the maladies associated with vaginal dryness. For women who are post-menopause, dealing with such vaginal irritation, as well as vaginal dryness, increases in its relevance to complications with intimacy.

Clinical studies have revealed that vaginal dryness is among the major causes in sexual dysfunction in both mature and aging women. The source of the problem or avoidance to sex is due to insufficient bodily production of vaginal lubricant. Whereas so many individuals have made the assumption that the maturing woman, who appears to have a diminished attitude towards sex, has, in simple terms, lost her libido or lack of sex drive; the source of the matter is that, due to a lacking of vaginal lubricant, intercourse becomes a painful and dreaded experience, due to vaginal dryness.

Amid a woman's stages of preimenopause and menopause, vaginal dryness is prevalent. However, the inadequacy of vaginal lubrication does not have to be left unattended. Despite the fact that hormonal imbalance is the culprit of vaginal dryness, there are alternative methods towards increasing women's natural and biological production of the bodily fluid necessary for vaginal lubrication.

As a fact, women should be aware that the contributor to such dryness in the vaginal area is a result of the decline in the body's production of the estrogen hormone. Such depletion of estrogen creates thinning and drying of the walls that line the vagina. To complicate matters of the vaginal area, are a reduction in the tone of the muscles, and the added amount of time that is required for sexual arousal – which is particularly unique to perimenopausal women.

A preliminary logical approach, in ruling out the existence of underlying medical matters, would be for women to consult the advice of their respective physician, while, of course, taking into consideration the maturing effects within perimenopausal, menopause, and the associated decline in estrogen, as to determining that the insufficient or loss of natural vaginal lubrication is associated with the aging process. In addition to physical matters, women should also assess their emotional state, during such medical consultation, in order to evaluate if depression or stress is a considerable factor in their respective lives, as such effects can play havoc to the natural production of vaginal lubrication.

Some natural and safe approaches to enhancing the maturing woman's biological production of vaginal lubrication to alleviate vaginal dryness can include the following measures -- drinking a minimum of eight to ten, eight ounce glasses of water daily; make changes in your environment, by switching to fragrance-free personal, bathing and laundry products, to include lighter scented perfumes; eat a regularly balanced diet; supplementing the diet with a medical-grade multiple vitamin and mineral supplement; and, for immediate relief and results that are instantaneous, such women can consider and seek out a personal lubricate that is topically applied.

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